Heavy Haulage

Our experienced team is on hand and fully equipped to support various logistical challenges within the construction industry. From civil infrastructure through to power plants and petrochemical facilities, clients aim to benefit from economies of scale. Structures, and the components used in the construction of new facilities, are continually increasing in size. Larger and heavier objects – such as columns, turbine blades, prefabricated modules and infrastructural elements like bridges – require transport and installation.

Moreover, approaches to construction are changing. The conventional method of stick building is giving way to modular construction – from refineries to bridges, and mines to power plants. There are a number of advantages in building a facility as a series of components and then transporting them to the foundations at the construction site. Off-site construction increases safety as the work occurs in a controlled environment. It can give access to larger or cheaper labor pools and skillsets, and avoids potentially poor climatic conditions at the actual site.